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All of our funding is from charitable donations, grant making trusts or from our own social enterprise. We are so grateful to the many individuals and organisations that have already supported us over the years. Without your help we would not be able to do what we do. Every donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

Any donation you wish to make is very gratefully received. Cheques are made payable to ‘Action Foundation’ and can be sent to our address (found in the Contact section). Standing order forms are available by contacting us directly.

If you would like to donate on-line please click here.

To donate by text message text ACTF15 followed by £1, £5 or £10.

£5 pays for teaching materials for one of our students.

£10 pays for one of our resident’s monthly utility bills.

£35 pays for an interpreter session so that we can make sure we’re helping the most vulnerable people regardless of their language.

£100 pays for one of our resident’s monthly rent and their utility bills.

£250 pays for the monthly rent for one house that supports three people.

£500 pays for all the running costs of one of our houses that accommodates three residents for a month.

£1,000 will enable us to employ an ESOL teacher for one month.

£3,000 will provide a previously destitute asylum seeker with accommodation and support for a year.

£12,000 will pay for one of our houses for a year providing a home and all support costs to three previously destitute asylum seekers.

The above amounts are shown as examples.

The following Charitable Trusts have supported our work over the last year;

· City Church Newcastle

· Comic Relief

· Northern Rock Foundation

· Greggs Foundation

· Henry Smith Charity

· The Rothley Trust

· The Ballinger Charitable Trust

· Newcastle United Foundation

· The Hospital of God at Greatham

· The Community Foundation – Tyne and Wear and Northumberland

· The A B Charitable Trust

· The Joicey Trust

· The Hadrian Trust

· BIG Lottery – Reaching Communities Fund

· The Leslie and Lillian Manning Trust

· Esmee Fairbairn North East Fund

· Port of Tyne Community Action Fund

· The 1989 Willan Charitable Trust

· Lloyds TSB Foundation

· The Kellett Fund

· William Webster Charitable Trust

· The European Social Fund

· Garfield Weston Foundation

· The Benfield Motors Charitable Trust

· The Souter Charitable Trust

· Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

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