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Ethos and Values

Action Foundation is a Christian charity, started by City Church which exists to help people who need support. Our Christian faith is at the core of Action Foundation. This means it affects:

What we do: All our projects start as a result of a clear sense of God’s guidance and direction discovered through the bible, prayer and research. We believe that God has specific things for us to do.

Why we do what we do: For many people working for Action Foundation, it is more than just a job. It is serving Jesus. It is our faith in God that motivates us to care for people who need help.

How we express God’s love: We treat people well, with dignity and respect. Our values reflect God’s desire for integrity, accountability, inclusivity and equality.

The way we work expresses our values. We want to copy Jesus in the way that we work at Action Foundation. However we recognise that many of these values are not exclusive to the Christian faith and are shared by those with other faiths or none.

We value:

We can do more together than apart. We try to work with many different churches and other organisations to provide the best service possible. We cannot do everything, and so we do what we believe God is asking us to do, learning from others and working together.

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. We believe in giving second, third and fourth chances. This is for staff, volunteers, and service users.

We want to be the best we can be. Being excellent honours God and everyone else that we work with. We invest in training, evaluation, honest feedback and we set challenging goals. However, we need to be careful that excellence is not set above care for people.

Our relationships with God and one another are important. Good relationships show that we care. We are not just doing a job but showing God’s love to people.

We want to aim high, and see failure as an important stepping stone to success

We have clear rules about how we work, in order to keep everyone safe and make the most of our resources.

We will keep checking that things are going to plan and make changes if needed.

We are in this for the long term. Better to build slow and steady than quickly but then have to stop as we cannot sustain the growth.

All aspects of our work are open and transparent. We can challenge each other and our decisions.

We will help anyone in need regardless of gender, age, ability, social status, sexual orientation, faith, ethnic group, language etc.

We are all made equal in the image of God. Everyone has equal worth and we will not show favouritism to one person over another.

We will work as a team, with trust and mutual respect, to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and to encourage accountability.

Whole person
We recognise that people also have social and spiritual needs, such as the need for friendship, hope for the future, work, family, etc. We can create opportunities for service-users to link with other services that meet the need of the whole person, if they want us to, including churches.

Action Foundation was borne out of and a clear sense of God’s direction gained through prayer. We ask for God’s help and wisdom through prayer at our staff meetings, although our prayer is inclusive in style and we respect those who do not pray or share our Christian faith.

We believe that God provides for all our needs and so we want to bless other organisations doing similar work to us by giving away 10% of our unrestricted income each year to support what they are doing.

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